M.M. Knitwear Ltd. is 100% export oriented Knitting, Dyeing and Garments composite unit. Since 2001 specializing in all kinds of knitted items. It is housed in its own building surrounding an area of 5,00,000 sq. ft. And 5,000 workers and stuff. The determination to achieve superior customer service and on time delivery has earned MMKL recognition as an invaluable player and the desire to succeed in customer satisfaction with every order makes the MMKL team even stronger it’s these fundamental that keep this unit in the game and wining every time.Since the beginning MMKL has a very good reputation as a financially sound and ethical business house. It has a long term association with selected factories, some of them are certified in terms of social and quality compliance by world’s highest rating bodies, and outstanding sourcing capabilities. Thus MMKL has been able to prove itself to be a reliable supplier for knit item in any style and design. 

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Future Vision

We envision MMKL to continue to develop so that it incorporates the latest technologies available in manufacturing to accommodate large orders without unnecessary hassle for our clients. Our strength as a public company motivates us to create an environment that provides jobs for our people with the capacity to grow as we do. Consequently, M.M. Knitwear Ltd. has already gained support from many influential figureheads in Bangladesh and are well on our way to becoming an industrial institution in one of the world’s rising countries.

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Board Directors of M.M. Knitwear Ltd.

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