Our Projects

These are our in-house facilities and more are coming soon.


We have a large garments unit which has 60 production lines having 2085 pcs of sewing machinery. Our independent quality team of 454 people is working to ensure customer's required quality standard. Factory regular AQL system is 2.5 but in certain case it depends on customer requirement.


We have a large circular knitting unit having 110 machines with 20GG, 24GG, 28GG cylinder and optimum attachment to produce all types of weft knitted fabric. Machines are Fukuhara, Fukuhama and Jiunn long baranded. We also have 28 machines with open width take down and 05 engineering striper machine. Our daily knitting capacity is 28,000 KG per day.


Our large dyeing division is equipped with latest machinery on 2,50,000 Sq.Feets of dyeing area. Our daily dyeing capacity is 40,000Kg per day. Our Biological ETP capacity is 2,80,000 Ltr per hour.


We have a brand new AOP factory equipped with all brand new machinery which have 12,000 KG per day AOP capacity. We also have independent Print factory with 14 table in 100 feet in length. With Graphic design and color Team. Our daily screen printing capacity is 40,000Pcs per day in avg.


We have 6 sets of Embroidery Machine with 20 head each, Applique laser cutting machine (01pc), Applique fusing machine (01pc) and Single head manual machine (01pc)

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